Saturday, October 24, 2009

Painting process

Here is the painitng process that we saw in class the past week and me finishing it in my studio.rough sketch

final sketch

remember that we are starting from the background to foreground, so the fisrt you lay down in the background color, large shapes and forms.

second trace down your image on the painting surface and begin to flesh out the larger shapes with color, try to place as much color all around the image, going back and forth and not focus on place

after all the shapes are blocked in with color, then we can go to the small detalis in the illustration

here I have already giving more shadow and light, eliminated some lines work and decided to go with shading...especigically in the boys arm...this is pretty close to finish

retooling some finer details

the final stage is the glaze/wash/patina of a mix of a small amount of raw sienna and matte medium to bring back all the illustration to a neutral ground

Then we go back in and we pick/pull out some hightlights and shadows over the illustration, to bring the separation from the fore ground (boy) to the middle ground (girl) and create a quick illusion of depth.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Here is something new something old!

something old because I did a year ago, and something new because I never showed it in my was for Rico Mendez at the San Francisco Chronicle.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1st days class lecture/presentation

excercise 1 and 1.1

tuesdays august 25th 2009

• Excersise 1. Three self portraits on seperate pieces of paper (8x11 copy paper) they can be anything, I am not expecting picasso's or rembrandt's just a drawing that communicates the idea.

1• How you perceive yourself (who do you think you are?)
2 • How do you want to be perceived by others?
3• How you think you are perceived by others?

• Excersise 1.1 find the deifnitiosn of and put in your sketchbook if you have one already.
• collective unconciousness
• Arquetype
• Myth
• Symbol
• Icon
• Stereotype
• methaphor
• allegory
• fable and parable.