Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rough sketch(from sketchbook) to Finished drawing (on tracing paper)

Hello Everybody,
As you all know I am gone this whole week and Anna Stump will be helping you guys along the way, please show your progress to her and follow her direction.

The dates are monday when I get back marcj the 10th will be going one final look at the skethces to do needed changes if need be.

On march the 10th final skethces due, only bring in one sketch of each selected icon, I want you guys to focus one image at a time. There will be 7 final drawings turned in on this date, one drawing per archetype: villain, hero, male, female, flora, fauna, of each.

On the 15th we will have a inking demo in class and I expect you guys to bring in your working materials, such as brushes, india ink, bristol paper...see attached photo for reference.
You can purchase these tools at blick art materials at india street.

 Final art due the 17th, all icons to be either xerox, printed on 8.5x11 paper to be presented on the due date, I will explain more when I get back.

 Here are some process examples from sketchbook to finished art.

some more:



one more